The definition of success differs from one person to another. It can be wealth, recognition or self-satisfaction. Whatever the definition of success is for you but “happiness” is the ultimate goal for success to everyone. However, you cannot achieve happiness if you compare your achievements and success to others. 

It is a natural tendency that we compare our self to others. Whether it is a personal life or professional. For instance, You want to buy a new phone. You decide to buy the cell phone that your friends, colleagues or cousins are using. You want to earn more money because your cousins or friends are spending more money and going on vacations more often than you do. The worst part is that sometimes you want to pursue the course/ education that some of your friends did because they landed up a good job and earning handsome money. 

You don’t buy cell phone as per your requirement. You don’t earn more because you need more. You don’t pursue a particular course because you are interested in it. That is where you ruin your success and happiness. 
You may get expensive cell phone by comparing. You may earn more money and you get a better opportunity in your career. However, eventually you will fail to achieve happiness with your success. Because others success will not lead you to happiness. Everybody has his/her value and definition of success that leads them to happiness. 

That is the reason there are many who earn more money and fame but don’t enjoy it at all. 

Let’s understand this in a better way with two examples of the same fraternity. There were two musicians from different bands. They were both kicked out of their bands without giving any reason. One happened in  1962 and the second one took place in 1983. 

One of the famous and most admired drummers Peter Best was kicked out of the official team member from Beatles in 1962 when the team landed the first record contract. Best had no idea why he was sacked. He was hurt from inside terribly. 

This incident led him to try to kill himself but he was saved somehow. He was depressed and became alcoholic. After few years of the incident, he was saved from all these evil activities and he became happy with his life and family. In one of his interview in 1994 he said, “I am happier than I would have been with the Beatles,”

He was happy because, his definition of success was his wife and children. After being kicked by Beatles he ultimately met his wife and blessed with children. He even got to play the drums, touring Europe and recording albums well in the 2000s. 

The other incident that took place in 1983 resonates about 50% same story as Best. In 1983 a renowned guitarist Dave Mustaine was sacked by his band Metallica when they got the first contract for recording. 

Mustaine was hurt, he was so hurt that he decided to beat the Metallica and do better than Metallica and make it feel inferior in the eyes of the world. Eventually, he got famous. He practised religiously and formed a famous band called Megadeth. Megadeth would go on to sell over 25 million albums and tour the world many times over. Today, he is considered one of the brilliant and influential musicians in the history of the heavy-metal music. 

On the other, the Metallica which kicked him out sold over 180 million albums worldwide. More than Mustaine. It is considered by many to be one of the greatest rock bands of all time. 

Since Mustaine wanted to beat the Metallica and make it inferior in the world he was not happy with his success even after gaining so much admiration and recognition. In one of his interview in 2003, he admitted that he could not help but still consider himself a failure. Despite all that he had accomplished. In his mind, he would always be the guy who got kicked out of Metallica. 

In the case of Best, he gave no value to the incident of being sacked by the band. He valued his family more than his professional success, rather compared success. He had no grudge against the band that kicked him. That is why he was happy with his achievements. 

On the other hand, Mustaine wanted to have a revenge by making Metallica feel inferior that is why even after accomplishing so much in life he was not happy at all. 

The above two stories from the life of two famous and renowned musicians tell us that everybody has their unique qualities. Everyone should have their own definition of success which is not compared to anyone. If you compare your success to others it will ruin your success and happiness. 

“Don’t compare yourself with anyone. If you do so, you are insulting yourself,” says Bill Gates.