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A whatsApp group conversation over a suicide case prompted me to write about why some people prefer to end their lives, and how they can come out of suicidal thought.

The whatsApp group conversation was about a girl who ended her life just because she allegedly had been facing mental tortures at her home. One of the participants said in the group conversation that people who commit suicide do not respect their lives.

Does disrespecting life really lead to committing suicide? The answer might be ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. If the answer is ‘Yes’ then how a person who thinks of committing suicide starts disrespecting his or her life? If the answer is ‘No’ then what are the reasons that lead a person to commit suicide?

According to doctors and psychiatrists, one of the common reasons for committing suicide is depression. Depression might be because of financial crises, unemployment, relationship dispute, harassment, victim of bullying, unable to meet expectations and many more.

According to psychiatrists and doctors who deal with human mental illness expressed their views and said that all suicide cases have at least one common reason that is feeling of helpless. Doctors said that when a person has been going through hardship for a long time, then the person realises that there is no way of coming out of the ongoing worst situation, then the person thinks of committing suicide, thinking his or her life has already finished then what is the point of living dead life.

Referring to the World Health Organisation (WHO) website, over 8,00000 people commit suicide in a year, in the world. Where statistics of young generation is high as youths are struggling to meet expectations of their parents in education, struggling to make career quickly, struggling to balance relationships, falling prey to drugs and many more.

Youngsters are less tolerant which is also one of the reasons for committing suicide. They get more frustrated easily. They do not understand that frustrated mind can not figure out the solution of any problems. In frustrated mind, they come to the point that suicide is the only solution.

How can you save yourself from suicidal thought?

Be optimistic

Being optimistic is hard but if you are optimistic you have a happy life ahead. Why I am saying being optimistic is hard because your thinking does not only depend on you, how you think about yourself, but there are other factors such as close family members, relatives, friends, acquaintances, and society. In all these factors society is one of the most perilous factors, many open minded and bold people sometimes fail to save themselves from being influenced by this factor. They think that what society will talk about or think about if they take their decision or what society say if they go against certain wrong tradition that society has been believing in and following for years?

There is always at least one solution available for any problem, but people think that the solution will cause sadness to family members and open doors to society for gossips, although the solution is not wrong anyway. That is why people prefer to end their precious lives. At this stage, you should accept the decision or solution with a positive thought, without thinking much about others, if the decision is right. One day down the line family and society will also admire your decision. Remember, before accepting any decision you have to ponder upon your decision to convince yourself whether the particular decision or solution is right or not.     

You have to board your own ship

Remember, no one has a right to force you to take a decision. Yes, people are more conscious about you that is why they are giving you solutions to your problems. But, you are the one who has to take the decision of your problems in the end , with peace and wittiness. If you are not holding reins of your life then you will obviously be confused, which will automatically lead to suicidal thought. Because you think you have no right to take decisions of your own life.

For instance, if you are unable to meet expectations of your parents in your exams, let it be. Do not bother yourself about how bad your parents will feel about it. You just convince yourself that an exam will not decide your future, and try to make your parents to think so as well. If your parents are convinced then it is fine or else go ahead with your life. your parents will subsequently understand. Pledge yourself that if you were unable to meet your parents expectations then there are more exams or moments ahead when you will make your parents proud of you.

Suicide is the worse action

Keep in mind suicide is the action that is being committed by those who are weak. They are incapable of controlling their emotions. Try to control your emotions while you are going through any problem to have an empty mind, to figure out the solutions for your problems. When people are in emotions they can not think for a solution, and then it comes into their mind that there is no solution than committing suicide.

Remind yourself again and again that suicide is the end of life, but life can give you a solution.