Today, I have a two story to share with you. The stories will clearly explain as to why you need to be independent while choosing your career.  
There was a student in high school let us name him Atif. When he passed out from high school he was in dilemma of what to study further to make his career. He did not think much and pursued engineering because many of his friends were pursuing engineering. 
But what happened in his engineering and career was disappointed him and ruined his six years of his life. 
He ruined his six years of his life because engineering was not his interest. He realised this when he was at the end of his first year of engineering. He did not quit in between because he thought his parents will be ashamed of him. Moreover, he will not able to face society and his friends. 
This mindset forced him to complete his engineering somehow in five years. He then spent his one-year finding job. 
Let’s talk about the second story. The story of let’s name him Aslam. He was also Atif’s friend who pursued engineering with Atif. He pursued engineering not because most of his friends were pursuing engineering. But, His three cousins who had done engineering and earning whopping money. 
Aslam completed his engineering and got a job as soon as he finished his engineering. However, what was bothering him that he did not pursue what he was interested in. He did not want to quit his job and start all over again to pursue his interest because he has already spent one year in his career. 
After one year in finding job Atif give up on his non-interested career and joined some designing course and got the handsome paying job in digital marketing company as a designer. 
In both the stories one thing is common- Atif and Aslam did not listen to their hearts and pursued what their friends were pursuing and what others had done. Both of them did waste their precious years of life. 

I know you can relate to it. However, do not let it repeat with you and your beloved lives. Let yourself and your beloved ones decide what they want to do in their careers based on their interests. Because everybody has some unique interests and skills. 

“Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure. You’ve got to find the treasure, so that everything you have learned along the way can make sense,” Paulo Coelho. 
Paulo Coelho said it right. In other words, if you do not follow your heart you will lose your treasure. 
If you like history be an archaeologist. If you like writing be a journalist or writer and write books. You will do much better than if you choose what others are doing. 
There are two most important things for a Muslim to consider while choosing a career-  Halal (legitimate) earnings and contribution to the society. 
Contribution to the society
Although it is very important to pursue what you like most, you have to think of whether your career will contribute to the society in some ways.  
Whosoever removes a worldly grief from a believer, Allah will remove from him one of the griefs of the Day of Judgment. Whosoever alleviates [the lot of] a needy person, Allah will alleviate [his lot] in this world and the next. (An-Nawawi)
If you want to be a writer write something that can change people’s mindset from bad to good. Your writings should make an impact on the society. There are many journalists who are making an impact in the society. They are revealing the truth to bring change. 
Halal  (legitimate) earnings
One of the most important aspects of your career is halal earning. If your earning is not halal you are making your life miserable for this world and hereafter. Allah does not shower his blessings in haram (illegitimate) earnings. Moreover, your dua (supplication) will not be accepted. 
“Do not devour one another’s property wrongfully, nor throw it before the judges to devour a portion of other’s property sinfully and knowingly.” (Quran, 2:188)
Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) said, “O people Allah is pure and He accepts only what is pure.” (Muslim)
If your interest and career give you the opportunity to contribute to the society and earning halal income then do not bother what others are asking you to do. Follow your heart and mind. Eventually, you have to work hard to set up an example in your career so why not do what you are interested in?