Before you proceed to read further I would like you to close your eyes and ask yourself: What is the biggest factor that contributes a lot to failure? It is nothing but “DISTRACTION”. Unfortunately, you are intentionally and unintentionally holding a source of distraction in your hands (i.e. cell phone distraction). It can cost you your success and happiness if you do not have the plan to avoid it.

The world is full of distractions ever since its existence. It has been intensified after cellphone has become an inseparable device from human being’s life. According to researches on electronic devices show that smartphones can reduce the ability to think to a person’s full potential. Moreover, research from Stanford University revealed that intense multitasking decreases the efficiency of completing a given task.

This research is a suggestion for those who brag about “being multitasking”. They should know that if they are multitasking then they are not efficient at their tasks. We will discuss why you should not be multitasking in another article. Let’s stick to distraction in this piece.

Dr. Arnold Glass who once told ABC News that he has been intrigued by the notion of technology-enhanced classrooms.

“I was always interested in using technology in the classroom before it existed, but when it became apparent that it was affecting the classroom, it raised the question what effect this was having,” he said.

Dr. Arnold Glass and one more researcher from Rutgers University did a research on this and found that technology-enhanced classrooms students managed to score less than those who don’t.

According to the journal Educational Psychology, the two researchers divided 118 upper-level college students into two groups. Each enrolled in the same course, taught the same material by the same instructor, in the same classroom at around the same time of day.


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The difference between them was that one group was allowed to have laptops and cell phones open for non-classroom purposes, and the other group wasn’t.

This research revealed that both the groups scored less in the exams but those who were allowed to use devices would score relatively less than those who did not.

However, the researchers found that the group that was not allowed to use devices could have scored better, but they were also distracted by the devices around them.

Although, the research was done only for classroom students, but it also applies to life out of classrooms too. People those who are not able to separate themselves from their smartphones when required are distracted. They are always eager to check notifications and social media updates. Sometimes they are so addicted that they use their cellphone but don’t know what they are doing and why.

Larry Rosen, psychology professor and author of The Distracted Mind tells CNBC that most people check their phone every 15 minutes or less, even if they have no alerts or notifications.

“We’ve built up this layer of anxiety surrounding our use of technology, that if we don’t check in as often as we think we should, we’re missing out,” he added further.

We are highly surrounded by cell phone distractions. It is very important to discuss how we can keep ourselves away from cell phone distractions to build a life that we want. Not the life that cellphone is building for us.


Keep your cell phone on vibration
You feel the compulsion to receive calls and check the notifications as soon as your cell phone rings. You allow the cell phone to decide your activities. If your cellphone is deciding your activities then you have to reconsider why you are using your cell phone.

Cell Phone catches your attention when it rings whether it is by incoming calls or notifications. You can not avoid it unless it is on a vibration mode. You are the owner of your cell phone. It is you who decide whether you want to pick up the calls or check the notifications or not.

However, it can only be possible if it is on vibration. Keep it on vibration or silent mode if possible. It will not force you to pick up the phone and check notifications.


Fix a time for social media 
Social media plays a vital role in your life, however, if not used wisely it can cause disaster in your life. Since, all the social media platforms are easily available on your fingertips you use them every now and then.

According to a study by firm dscout, the typical cell phone user touches his or her phone 2,617 time every day. And that’s just the average user. The study also found that extreme cell phone users (meaning the top 10%) touch their phones more than 5,400 times daily.

Which category do you fall in?

Believe it or not, but there are many who carry their cell phone while going into the loo. Use social media only twice or thrice in a day. Make sure you use only 15 minutes each time you use social media.


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Go for digital detox 
Once I was listening to Robin Sharma on distraction. He said that he once or twice a week goes in the mood of digital detox and submerges himself into nature. I know it is not possible for all of us because we have not reached the level yet. However, we can do it on weekends or a few hours before we go to bed for sleeping in the night.

I would suggest going to digital detox three hours before your good night sleep.

Using cell phones or any other electronic devices before sleeping can destroy your sleep. Which will lead to the destruction of your morning routine, stress and frustration.

Huffington Post erstwhile Editor-in-Chief Arianna Huffington keeps her cell phone and other electronic devices in another room so that she cannot use them before sleeping.

While talking about her evening rituals, she said, “involves taking a hot bath with candles because I love rekindling the romance with sleep.”

And by removing all her electronic devices from her bedroom, she avoids distractions like social media and email that can keep us from getting the sleep we need.


Keep cell phone away when working on important tasks 
While talking to BuzzFeed Life Levi Felix, founder of Digital Detox and Camp Grounded – Summer Camp for Adults suggested to create a daily bucket list: what you want to be doing more of but feel like not having time for them.

He further said that then make a rule for yourself that you will not check Facebook or browse your email until you have accomplished something from that list.

That is how you get your tasks done. If you don’t do this you will spend the entire day in distractions and then regret at the end of the day.


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Delete all the social media 
There was a time when I used to check my WhatsApp in every two or three minutes no matter how important the task I am working on. One day I decided to get rid of this habit. I removed the app from the home screen of my cell phone.

Guess what? Now I check WhatsApp when I need to interact with someone or want to check received messages. Which means I don’t let WhatsApp force me to check it. I check it as per my requirement.

I encourage you to follow this technique. Remove all the social media app from the home screen of your cell phone and you will be amazed to realize that you are becoming less addictive to your cell phone. In result, you will have distraction-free days and will able to focus on the tasks that are more important to you.

The sooner you take action towards controlling your life the sooner you will succeed. Before you leave this article pledge yourself to follow some of the above tips for a distraction-free life.


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